Unfortunately, I’m awake at this hour. I might as well blog. There was an error with lastfm so I couldn’t post my listening habit the last two weeks. It appears to be working again so I post what I listened to last week at the end of this post. You know that part in Anchorman where Ron Burgundy says, “Well that escalated quickly?” That describes tonight to a t. My head is still spinning. I’m gonna go take a shower and try to get my mind right. So much for making up for lost sleep tonight. 

1. Banks- 60 plays

2. The Weeknd- 58 plays

3. Mae- 36 plays

4. Anberlin- 27 plays

5. Coldplay- 24 plays

5. Jars of Clay- 24 plays

Silence has never been so quiet, never been so still.

A late night post before bed? Why not? Two of my many favorite songs of all time are “The Scientist” and “A Rush of Blood to the Head” both by Coldplay. They are both so beautifully written. The lyrics open my mind. I’m asked to think beyond what I’m hearing, to deeper things in life. In “Rush,” I find one of my favorite lines ever, “I’m gonna buy a gun and start a war/If you can tell me something worth fighting for.” That one gets me every time. What in this life is worth fighting for? I love that this question means different things to different people. So I propose a question to all my readers and anyone that stumbles upon this post, what is worth fighting for in your life?

It’s so late. I really have no good reason for being up this late. I guess I got sucked into an internet wormhole again. I hate when that happens. I’ll be somewhat brief here so I can get some sleep prior to work. I have a great soundtrack playing tonight: Saves the Day, Jimmy Eat World, and Weezer. Classes start Friday. I’m looking forward to seeing where this adventure takes me. I literally have no clue where I’ll be this time next year. I know this is the path for me though. I’m looking forward to getting my new laptop. I’m beyond due for one; I get it on Saturday. I find it hard to believe I’ve been in Arizona nearly two months. I suppose it’s because it has been so much fun. I truly feel like this is home now. I can barely keep my eyes open anymore, and I started to silently curse my slow laptop. That means it’s time for bed. I hope to post a few times this week. We’ll see how that goes. Goodnight.